Why Your Business Needs To Have Facebook Presence

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Companies that have already carved a success story long ago and are churning huge profits already, debate the issue of the importance of having a Facebook presence for their business. However, relatively new start ups who do not have such luxury of tenure cannot afford to ignore the importance of Facebook presence for their business.Facebook for Business

Whether or not a strong Facebook presence is required for your brand to become a name can be argued upon till cows finally come home, but as you read the subsequent paragraphs, you will certainly start believing in the potency of your business- presence on Facebook.

Here are 6 reasons why your business needs to have Facebook presence:

1. The statistics are overwhelming

Almost a third of America uses Facebook. It has over 400 million global users that make it the third largest country in the world, had it been one. Over half of the registered users use the platform very frequently. The famous television show ‘American idol’ averages 20 million views while Facebook has 100 million American members! An average Facebook user spends 55 minutes a day on it and that is by no means a less time to grab someone’s attention. Your company can use this time to catch your consumer’s eye and direct him to your business.

2. Nearly 80,000 sites use Facebook Connect

Facebook connect is an initiative with great long range impact. Various sites are closely integrating Facebook to make personal social graphs portable. Instead of having to go to Facebook for networking with friends, they can travel with you online, in your pocket at times, with mobile devices. Even bigwigs like Yahoo and MySpace are coming up with Facebook integrations.

3. A Business-Friendly Atmosphere

Facebook is to be credited with not only developing a business friendly atmosphere but also one that prevents intrusion into a user’s experience. New features such as Timeline, Custom audience, latest advances in their ads and other measures that Facebook has instituted are raking in advertising dollars and the way its network is spreading, there seems to be no looking back.

4. Ways of the world

Internet has become a way of the world and internet is fast becoming as important as oxygen or water for few. Although Facebook has a billion users across the world, there are over 5 billion users who have access to the internet. These statistics reveal that the Facebook Empire is yet to spread and there is still potential to increase its reach which it will eventually do. No business can afford to miss out a ride in this train of ‘Facebook Fame’. There is a large possibility of one of your competitors having a Facebook page and you will surely lose out in competition by not having one.

5. Adding Credit-ability

There is a huge possibility that a tech savvy customer of yours ignores you when he finds that you do not have a Facebook page. There is also a huge possibility that he doubts your credibility since he will be led to believe that you are not a part of the environment that he is. This will lead to a trust shortfall that will seriously hamper your future prospects. Hence having a Facebook page will work wonders for your credibility

6. Infinite Traffic Potential

Facebook has a huge internal potential. From your Facebook business page, you can interconnect an entire web network that includes a main business site, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and number of other sites and pages. You can also turnaround huge amount of traffic and there is no limit on how much traffic can you bring about. You can also go past your network and connect with other businesses to share traffic.

There are several petty and obvious reasons that attract a business owner towards Facebook like it being ‘free’ and ‘easy’ that have been left off the list, however these reasons are very instrumental in assisting you make up your mind while deciding to start a Facebook page for your business.

You may have a notion that your business does not need a Facebook page but once you have one and start reaping the benefits, you might regret all the time that you have spent without a Facebook page for your business. The reasons mentioned above are sure to convince you to have a Facebook presence for your business if you do not have one and wake up those who already have a neglected one to pay more attention to business promotion through Facebook.

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